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Home Improvement Loans

These are available as either first or second mortgages

Get your home improvement wish list out.  You probably have some much needed and desired home improvements you have been waiting for the right time to do.  Now is the right time!  

You can improve your home and still have one low affordable payment. Anything from room additions to landscaping, or even the new kitchen, workshop or swimming pool you've always wanted.  

We can make those wishes become a reality. We have home improvement loans for you even if you don't have a lot of equity built up in your house yet.   

We offer the programs for many wholesale lenders including Bank of America, Countrywide, Washington Mutual, Wells Fargo and hundreds of others. 

If you would like us to locate the best rate and program for your specific needs simply enter your information on the Refinance  form and we will locate it for you.


As a Second Mortgage

The home improvement loan as a second mortgage is for you if you have the desire to make home improvements but may not have the equity built up to get the best terms if you refinanced your first mortgage and received cash out for home improvements.  You can get this loan with little or no equity built up in your property. With the current rise in property values nationwide, your home improvement loan can accelerate the value of your property once your home improvements have been completed.

Should You Refinance

Your risk involved in refinancing your current mortgage is nearly non-existent. If you think you'll save money by refinancing, now is a good time to act.  Thousands of people refinance their homes and save money every day, look at some of your benefits of refinancing today.

Refinancing your mortgage loans can allow you to take advantage of these benefits

You can make Home Improvements and make your home a better place to live. You can make most any type of home improvement.

You will enjoy lower interest rates resulting in your having lower monthly payments

You can consolidate your high interest rate, 2nd liens, home improvement and/or swimming pool loans or credit card balances into one lower interest rate mortgage with better terms and tax deductible interest costs

You can get Cash Out to spend as you wish.  Use it for vacations, tuition, starting a business.

You can shorten your term to Build Equity Faster.

You may need to trade your ARM in for a fixed rate loan and lock in your long term savings.

Your homes current appraised value - not purchase price is used to calculate your LTV ratios. (if you have owned the property for over 6 months) You may be able to avoid PMI costs.

You may need to pay off balloon payments or call provisions on your current loan.

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