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consolidate debt - credit card debt - debt consolidation loans

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consolidate debt - credit card debt - debt consolidation loans

Debt Consolidation Loans

You can get a debt consolidation loan as a first or second mortgage

A debt consolidation loan allows you as a homeowner to move your high interest credit card debt and loans into one low affordable monthly payment. 

We offer debt consolidation and home equity loans for many wholesale lenders including Bank of America, Countrywide, Washington Mutual, Wells Fargo and hundreds of others. 

If you would like us to locate the best rate and program for your specific needs simply enter your information on the Debt Consolidation form and we will locate it for you.

Debt Consolidation for renters

Are you frustrated making multiple credit card payments each month only to see your balances stay the same. 

Your debt consolidation loan will cut your monthly payments down drastically. Your credit card debt is only one of many types of debt that it is smart to consolidate. 

You can include personal loans, car loans, student loans, 2nd mortgages, tax liens, and other balances into one lower interest rate mortgage with better terms and potential tax savngs

You can borrow up to 125% of the current market value of you home. If you feel like your debt has you in a trap please take a few moments to fill out our simple application and let us see if we can help you with a debt consolidation loan.

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 Debt Consolidation Loans

consolidate debt - credit card debt - debt consolidation loans
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" debt consolidation - debt consolidation loans - consolidate credit cards "